“The ASOA team and guest speakers did an amazing job in creating an insightful program. The leadership workshop was engaging and beneficial. I was able to apply the knowledge gained in both my professional and personal life. You will leave this program feeling inspired and empowered.”

Kendra Thompson, CRA
Katzen Eye Group

“My attendance at the ASOA on Tour Regional Meeting in Philadelphia was a great experience. It was nice to be in a much smaller group setting, getting to know my local colleagues better and discussing our regional and state issues that we all share as well as other program topics was fantastic. The setting was more intimate, closer to my home and all with quality programming and speakers. I established local practice friendships that I continue to enjoy today. As always…Thank you ASOA for all the work you do!”

Gina L. Biagi
Eye Associates

“Attending the ASOA on Tour Regional Meeting is a benefit to me in many ways. It allowed me to focus on the topics presented, have time to ask questions, participate in role situations while creating an opportunity to really understand. In a busy ophthalmic practice with a surgery center, it can be challenge to find uninterrupted time to read through material and then completely understand it. Meeting with fellow administrators and practice managers always gives me reassurance that our situations are very similar to others and that I’m not the only one struggling with certain issues.”

“The ASOA team did an exceptional job in keeping the meeting organized and informative as well as keeping us fed and comfortable. Thank you!”

Laurie Crist
Practice Manager
Whitewater Eye Centers, LLC

“ASOA’s response to the overwhelming need for continuing education for ophthalmic leaders has been outstanding. The ASOA on Tour series has expanded educational opportunities to a wider range of leaders. We sent our entire clinic management team to MACRA update in Tampa. We learned so much, and walked away with greater insight and a more focused strategy for 2017. Many thanks to Nancey McCann for her advocacy and leadership! Her support of the ophthalmic community has been a critical component to our continued success. Thank you for demystifying MACRA!”

Myra Cherchio, COMT
Director, Clinical Operations
St. Luke’s Cataract & Laser Institute

“I have been attending ASCRS/ASOA and AAO meetings for over 20 years. I recently attended my 1st ASOA on Tour meeting and enjoyed it very much. I learned many new things and there were several take always to use in our practice right away.”

Tina Phillips, COT
Ocala Eye, PA

“I recently attended the ASOA on Tour meeting in Tampa, FL. These tours were developed to provide practice managers with alternative opportunities (other than the yearly ASCRS/ASOA meeting) to face-to-face education. This track was dedicated to MACRA and included an overview of the MACRA program, an in depth discussion of MIPS and APMS and scenario breakouts for us to better understand the way these programs accumulate points. Nancey McCann did an amazing job of explaining these programs and how we can achieve success in 2017 and beyond. In addition, there was a panel discussion with Administrators from all practice sizes to get feedback on how they are tackling this new program and allowed us to ask specific questions on our practice situations. This was a fabulous meeting and I highly recommend all Administrators to take advantage of one of the future ASOA on Tour sessions.”

Deborah Davis, COE
Practice Manager
Atwal Eye Care

“Attending the ASOA Tour in Tampa allowed for me to further educate myself in the upcoming Medicare changes with MACRA. With the final rule coming out only a few weeks prior to the tour meeting I found the information, discussion, breakout sessions, VERY helpful as we prepare for the largest change to healthcare. The meeting allowed for me to understand what measures to consider for next year, how the points are going to be counted, and come back to the practice confident that we should attest for a ‘full’ year next year.”

Victoria Elkins, MBA, COT, OSC
Practice Manager
Huron Ophthalmology, PC


“I was very impressed with the ASOA on Tour meeting in Tampa. The presenters were well informed and spot-on with what I desired to learn coming into the conference. I especially appreciated listening to the panel of Administrators around the country and getting their personal take on how they deal with the Medicare/MACRA challenges within their practice. You know it was packed full with useful information and engaging because the time flew by quickly. Thank you for meeting and exceeding my expectations!”

Juliet Venzara
Practice Administrator
Florida Retina Specialists